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☆~ World of lunacy and other idiocracy

☆Lunacy Under Nightly Attacks

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Hello to you there~! This is Luna's fanwork journal, Loon☆cy! You may know me as "Luna_cy", "star_strawberry", "strawberry_starcake", "starR", "Miyoon" or "Yue". If you have seen those somewhere, like on forums or in winglin, well that would be me. This fanwork site would have Super Junior, TVXQ!, SNSD, Lee Yeonhee, F.T. Island and other artists. You may find the fanfiction side KyuMin biased and the fanart side Sungmin biased. XD Well, I'm trying to start writing other pairings, so just wait for it. Wait for the Het pairings more. Het pairings like MinYoung, JaeHee/YeonJae, HaeRi, HyoHyuk and maybe KiHyun (Kibum/Seohyun. Well.... new fanworks would only be posted here, so all of the previous works would still be in my official journal. You can click here for the official journal.

Name: Luna Cossette

Pseudonym/s: Luna_cy, starR, strawberry_starcake, Yue (Yoo-weh), Rioselle and Miyoon

Location: Philippines
Works: all found here

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